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Death at Windover

Florida Murder Mystery Novel Series, Volume 1

A murder victim is found buried in the swamp near Florida's Kennedy Space Center. Chief of Police Bill Kenney, the one-man police force for the little town of Canaveral Flats, must find someone to head up the investigation as the county refuses to help him. He has only one name on his list of candidates, a down-on-his-luck college professor and childhood friend. And he's presently drinking his life away trying to escape personal and professional problems. Little can the lawman realize that this case will put both their lives at risk and involve national and international organizations, some of which don't officially exist.

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Murder at the Canaveral Diner

Florida Murder Mystery Novel Series, Volume 2

Roger Pyles, forensics expert and reluctant crime investigator, has returned to drowning his problems with alcohol. Canaveral Flats Chief of Police Bill Kenney, the closest thing he has to a friend in the world, presents him with a cold case and asks him to look into it. To Roger's surprise, he finds Bill was one of the two primary suspects in the murder. Will Roger take up the challenge, remain sober, and complete the task? And what if he discovers his friend is the killer? Does Bill have ulterior motives? Why is he doing this? Can Roger find the killer without also becoming a crime victim himself?

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Murder at the Indian River

Florida Murder Mystery Novel, Volume 3

A decaying body is found floating in the Indian River near Canaveral Flats, Florida. Once again, Roger Pyles, a forensic expert recovering from personal and professional problems, is called upon to help in the criminal case. The discovery of an unusual item in the corpse points to lost treasure, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. Bedlam breaks loose, and more bodies turn up. Can Roger solve the case without becoming a casualty himself?

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Murder at Seminole Pond

Florida Murder Mystery Novel, Volume 4

Roger Pyles, forensic expert and part-time crime investigator, is frustrated at finding the wrong bodies just as he's finally getting his long-awaited archaeological dig started. But unexpected corpses will be the least of the problems he'll soon face, professional and personal. "These are the times that try men's souls," Thomas Paine said. Will Roger succeed against his newest challenges? 

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Murder of Cowboy Gene

Florida Murder Mystery Novel Series, Volume 5

Roger Pyles, forensics expert and unpaid member of the Canaveral Flats Police Department, has been noticed for his ability to get hard cases solved. Florida Governor Steele has made Roger a Special Agent and given him the impossible task of tracking down Cowboy Gene, a notorious band robber. The colorful bandit has eluded years of efforts to catch him by federal, state, and local agencies. Can Roger crack the case? WIll he solve the impossible even if the answer is truly impossible? Will he survive the dangerous mission?

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Braddock's Gold

Braddock's Gold Mystery Novel Series, Book 1

In 1755, a large military payroll disappeared in Colonial America. The story is now a local legend that most people believe to be little more than a myth. A chance discovery by a young boy 240 years later will reopen the quest for the lost cache and put numerous people's lives at risk, including Tom Kenney, Vietnam Veteran, small businessman, and country pastor, and many other people, innocent or not. Some seeking priceless treasure will stop at nothing to have it.

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Hunter's Moon

Braddock's Gold Mystery Novel Series, Book 2

Tom Kenney, a Vietnam veteran dealing with PTSD, has information that could lead to the discovery of a gold payroll that disappeared during the French & Indian War in 1755, but his condition prevents him from remembering the location. 

A nemesis, known to him as The Benefactor, has told him he'd kill him if he didn't give up the information on valuable treasure, but Tom is no closer to the details. How long will The Benefactor wait? Little can Tom realize his nemesis may not be his most dangerous threat.

And how will a chance conversation with an ex-Nazi change his life and that of others forever.? Will Tom live or die? 

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Fool's Wisdom

Braddock's Gold Mystery Novel Series, Book 3

Tom Kenney's a young and impulsive young man. A hasty, foolish decision will nearly get him killed and change his life forever. It will also lead to some of his greatest joy, beyond what he could ever imagine. 

Good can come out of bad situations.

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Killing Darkness

Braddock's Gold Mystery Novel Series, Book 4

Tom Kenney, Vietnam War veteran, small business owner, and country pastor, has stumbled across information where a long-lost gold payroll is buried, but his PTSD condition prevents him from remembering its location.

A nemesis, he knows as The Benefactor, wants the treasure and has tried to kill Tom for it already. Both want this to be over. An end is coming, and like a phoenix, someone must die before he can be reborn. All can see the storm building, but what will be the ultimate outcome for those involved in this deadly drama?


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